Akuma Yoru
Akuma Yoru (2)
Biographical Information
Kanji 荒ア釡カマー・米ヨー髦
Rōmaji Yoru Akuma
Also Known As Kisma (きさま) (by Ayato)

Foolish (Orokana) (by Reiji)
Useless-good for nothing (Yakunitatanai) (by his mother,Marissa)
My Darling (Itoshīanata) (By His mother)

Sign Scorpio
Birthday November 22nd
Age 17-18
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human (Formerly and claims to be)
Vampire (First Blood)
Ethnicity Japanese
Gender Male
Height 179 cm (5'10")
Weight 56 kg (122 lb)
Blood Type AB
Hair Color Dark grey/black
Eye Color Icy blue
Professional Status
Occupation 2nd/3rd year High School Student

Vampire Hunter
Occult member (Formerly)

Affiliation The Yoru Family (Formerly)

Occult (formerly)

Personal Status
Relatives Marissa Yoru (Mother, Deceased)

Unnamed father (Unknown)

Hobbies Playing cards
Favorite Food Chocolate, cheesecake
Game Haunted Dark Bridal
Manga Diabolik Lovers Sequel (chapter 4)
Anime Season 3 episode 4
Voice Actors

Akuma Yoru (米ヨー髦 荒ア釡カマー, Yoru Akuma) is an Japanese vampire hunter for hire although he is a vampire himself. He is the only and eldest son of Marissa and an unknown man. He was a former cult member until his mothers death. During his life in the occult, he had seen sacrifices, rape and torture which disturbed him greatly.

Appearance Edit

Akuma is a handsome teenage boy. He has messy black hair that's down to the back of his neck, light blue eyes and pail skin. He wears eyeliner and has a cartilage piercing on his left ear with two silver studs down the side and a black stud with two silver hoops on the rook of the ear.