Karen Akune
Biographical Information
Kanji 阿久根 可憐
Rōmaji Akune Karen
Also known as Ruby by Reiji
Aku by Kanato
Sign Gemini
Birthday June 25th
Age 16
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Vampire
Gender Female
Height 183 cm
Weight 80 lbs
Blood Type A
Eye Color Ruby
Hair Color White
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Ritsu (foster mother)

Shuu Sakamaki (older brother) Reiji Sakamaki (middle brother)

Hobbies Reading
Favorite Food Udon
Game Diabolik Lovers: More Blood
Anime Episode 06 (Haunted Dark Bridal)
Episode 01 (More Blood)
Voice Actors
Japanese Nagata Ryouko
English Andrea Libman

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Karen Akune is a vampire who belongs to the Sakamaki family. This is unbeknownst to her, as she lost her memory during a fire in her past. Later in the series, she becomes lost whilst wondering through a forest, and gets a strange feeling she has been there before.

Appearance Edit

Karen is an extremely tall and dangerously underweight teenager with white hair and ruby eyes.


Karen is a quiet yet happy individual who does her best to express happiness to the people around her. She also somewhat a crybaby. Despite her likable personality traits, she can be very arrogant with an aggressive aura. 


Karen was reading a book in the library of her home when she smelled something burning thing: her house was on fire. Shuu, Reiji and Beatrix managed to save.

But when Karen tried to go out the window, a few books fell on her head, causing her to lose her memory.After that, she can only remember the faces of her brothers and her own name.

When she arrived at the mansion, she recognized Reiji and Shuu's faces. Reiji said she resembled his sister, (who thought she was dead), Shuu was startled, and was annoyed to remember it. But they hardly knew Karen was in front of them.

Relationships Edit

Reiji SakamakiEdit

She thinks he is very intelligent, and even came to fall in love with him, until she realized that they were related.

Laito SakamakiEdit

She thinks he is very perverted, but adorable.

Kanato SakamakiEdit

She thinks he is cute and crazy. She pours out her personal problems with him.


  • "You're so cute when talks with Teddy." - to Kanato
  • "W-what? You and Shuu are my...brothers?"  - to Reiji
  • "Have I said that I think you're adorable? Fufu."  - to Laito
  • "Why don't you go read a book? You're always with that headphones." - to Shuu


  • She read 10 books per day.
  • She don't like when Ayato calls her "Curry".

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