Biographical Information
Rōmaji Alma
Age Centuries years old
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Ghoul
Ethnicity Demon
Gender Female
Blood Type A
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Professional Status
Occupation Slave
Personal Status
Relatives Iwao (son)
Voice Actors

Alma is the mother of the ghoul rebellion leader Iwao. She was taking away from her home as a slave.

Appearance Edit

Alma is a beautiful ghoul woman. She has long, straight black that reaches to her waist (which is passed down to her son) and warm blue eyes. She is average height and with beautiful pale skin.

She wears a white blouse that has long sleeves and covers most of her neck and a dark purple skirt along with black slippers.

Personality Edit

Alma appears to be a very loving and caring mother towards her son.

History Edit

Alma lived in the Rotigenbelk with her son Iwao and a peaceful life with her child. However, that will as a group of Viboras came to their village and took most of the villagers, including Alma herself. Her kidnapping caused her son to want revenge on the demons who took her away.

Relationships Edit

Iwao Edit

Iwao is Alma's son and was very doted on him when she was with him. After Alma was kidnaped, Iwao took it upon himself to have revenge on the demons who took her away from him.

Trivia Edit

  • Alma's name means "Kind, soul, and dawn".
  • Her kidnapping is the very reason for her son's rebellion against the Demon World.