Anicho Hermann
Biographical Information
Rōmaji Hermann Anicho
Sign Leo
Birthday August 21st
Age 23 (physically, unknown actually age)
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Warlock (male witch)
Ethnicity German
Gender Male
Height 177 cm (6'9")
Weight 70 kg (155 lb)
Blood Type AB
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Purple
Professional Status
Occupation Heir of the Hermann Household
Affiliation Hermann Family
Personal Status
Relatives Detlef (father)

Unnamed mother

Adalinda (younger half sister)

Hobbies Collecting stamps
Voice Actors

Anicho Hermann is the eldest son and heir of Detlef Hermann and his wife and the legitimate older half brother of Adalinda Hermann.

Appearance Edit

Anicho has a strong resemblance of his father, he has blonde hair and purple eyes. He is tall and handsome with a slender body and pale skin.

Personality Edit

Anicho is very intelligent and charming towards people and is well known to be a gentleman to the women. He is kind and friendly to close friends of his family.

History Edit

Anicho was born as the heir of the Hermann Household and was the son of Detlef and his wife. For most of his childhood, he was his father's only child until his father had an affair with one of the maids which resulting the birth of his younger illegitimate half sister Adalinda.

Relationships Edit

Adalinda Hermann Edit

Anicho has a close relationship with his sister despite being born to a mistress.

Detlef Hermann Edit

Anicho's relationship with his father is unknown but it's shown that he isn't close to him.

Unnamed mother Edit

Anicho's relationship with his mother is unknown.

Abilities Edit

Since is a warlock, Anicho has magic that will make him as the next patriarch of his family.

Trivia Edit

  • Anicho s name means "Ancestor".