Biographical Information
Rōmaji Authur
Also Known As Father (by Ran)
Age Several Centuries Old
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Changeling
Ethnicity Demon
Gender Male
Blood Type AB
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Golden Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Changeling King
Affiliation Kuroba Family
Personal Status
Relatives Violeta (wife)

Frieda (lover, deceased)

Ran (daughter)

Unnamed son

Unnamed daughter

Unnamed daughter

Unnamed son

Voice Actors

Arthur is the Changeling King and the father of Ran Kuroba and four other legitimate children, the husband of the Changeling Queen Violeta and the lover of Frieda.

Appearance Edit

Arthur has long green hair that reaches to his waist and golden brown eyes. He is a tall, handsome man who appears in his mid years with pale skin.

He is usually seen wearing clothing fits for a king. Arthur also wears earrings that made out of sapphires.

Personality Edit

Arthur shows that he's very ruthless and cruel towards his people, threatening them to kill them or made their families into slaves. Arthur is also very cruel and abusive towards his daughter Ran. He is very sadistic and takes pleasure from the pain of others. Like most demon kings, Arthur is incapable to feel any love or affections for anyone, including his own daughter. Arthur is quite intelligent and clever during war battles. However, he is also impatient and short tempered when things don't seem to going his way.

History Edit

Arthur was one of the demon kings that planned the "Adam and Eve Project". At some point, Arthur was given a mistress named Frieda who the younger sister of the Succubus Queen Margaret. Eventually, Arthur and his lover had a daughter whom was named Ran.

Relationships Edit

Ran Kuroba Edit

Ran is Arthur's daughter. Their relationship is a very unhappy one. Arthur had heavily neglected her though all her childhood and when he did interact with her, he was very emotional abusive towards her. Arthur shows that he doesn't' have any love for Ran.

Margaret Edit

Margaret is the aunt of Arthur's daughter Ran. The relationship between the two is unknown but it appears to be more political.

Frieda Edit

Frieda was Arthur's lover and the mother of his daughter Ran. Arthur got Frieda as a mistress from her sister. The rest of their relationship is unknown.

Violeta Edit

Arthur shows that he doesn't care about his wife which is shown when he took Frieda as his mistress.

Abilities Edit

As a changeling, Arthur has the full power of a changelin; however, he is must likely the must powerful changeling in the Demon Realm.

Shapeshifting Edit

Arthur can shapeshift into anyone that he wants. Like his daughter, Arthur doesn't act like the person that he takes the form of.

Trivia Edit

  • Arthur's name means "Bear, man, and king".
  • Like the other demon kings, Arthur doesn't seem to have any love for his daughter.
  • He is the second demon king to have a hybrid child, the first is the Vibora King Burai.
  • Arthur has four legitimate children from his wife Violeta.