Biographical Information
Rōmaji Edward
Also Known As Sir (by his troops)

Uncle (by his niece)

Age Centuries years old
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Vampire
Ethnicity Demon
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Golden
Professional Status
Occupation Commander
Personal Status
Relatives Melody (niece)
Voice Actors

Edward is a commander in the Vampires and is leading a small group. He is the uncle of Melody

Appearance Edit

Edward is a handsome man and has short black hair and golden eyes. He is tall and muscular with pale skin.

He usually wears a typical military uniform with a black blazer with red stripes and grey pants with black shoes.

Personality Edit

Edward is calm, cool, and collected. As a commander, Edward takes his job very serious. He is known by his teammates not to laugh or smile. He is very loyal to his race but will not discriminate against others demon races. According to his niece Melody, he may appear as cold and harsh on the outside but he is actually sweet and warm. Edward also shows to question the actions of the Vampire King Karlheinz many times. Edward is known to be very reasonable at times.

History Edit

Edward's past remains unknown but at some point, he became a commander and leader of his own team. He also became the uncle of Melody.

Relationships Edit

Melody Edit

Edward shows to care about his niece.

Ayato Sakamaki Edit

Edward shows to be annoyed by Ayato's arrogant behavior.

Abilities Edit

Edward shows to be skilled at hand to hand combat. Since he is a pure blooded vampire, Edward has the powers of a demon.

Trivia Edit

  • Edward's name means "Wealthy, fortune, guardian, prospect, wealth, or protecter".
  • Edward is from nobility.
  • He is the only known commander of any of the demon militias.
  • He has a niece named Melody.