Hana Mori
Biographical Information
Rōmaji Mori Hana
Birthday May 4th
Age 10
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Ethnicity Japanese
Gender Female
Blood Type O
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Professional Status
Occupation Sixth Grade Middle School Student
Affiliation Mori Family
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed father (deceased)

Unnamed mother (deceased)

Nobuo (uncle, deceased)

Taiki (older brother)

Ken (cousin)

Hobbies Playing with her friends
Favorite Food Chocolate
Voice Actors

Hana Mori is the cousin of Ken Mori, the niece of Nobuo Mori, and the younger sister of Taiki Mori.

Appearance Edit

Hana is a beautiful and adorable little girl with chin length dark brown hair and warm round blue eyes. She has a small and petite body and fair skin. She also has a round face with bangs covering her forehead that passes her eyebrows and beautiful eyelashes that are long and curly.

Personality Edit

Hana is a very cheerful child as she enjoys playing with her friends. She is very kind and sweet towards everyone she meets. Hana's very optimistic and positive when things go south. Because she is still a child, Hana shows to be a little bit naïve. However, she does have a clear sense of right and wrong. She is also to be quite smart and is top of class. Hana has a great love for music and shows to enjoys singing. However, Hana does have stage fright when she tries to sing in front of other people. But nevertheless, Hana does try to help other people to found their talents.

History Edit

Hana was a baby when she and her older brother Taiki lived with their parents. Despite being a baby at that time, Hana was known to loved her parents very much. During her time, Hana was hoped by her parents to become a successful woman in life. Unfortunately, Hana's parents died from a car crash. This left Hana and Taiki to go lived with their uncle and cousin.

Relationships Edit

Taiki Mori Edit

Taiki is Hana's older brother.

Ken Mori Edit

Ken is Hana's cousin.

Trivia Edit

  • Hana's name means "Flower or favorite".
  • Hana is not a demon hunter unlike her brother and cousin. In fact, she dosen't seem to be training to be one.
  • It's unknown if Hana knows that her family are demon hunters or not.