Hotoke Inoue
Biographical Information
Rōmaji Inoue Hotoke
Also Known As Father (by his children)
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Ethnicity Japanese
Gender Male
Blood Type AB
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Professional Status
Occupation Head of the Inoue Household
Affiliation Inoue Family
Personal Status
Relatives Akio (ancestor, deceased)

Unnamed father (deceased)

Unnamed (mother)

Ichiro (brother, deceased)

Harumi (wife)

Rin (lover)

Ryuu (son)

Tora (daughter)

Isamu (son)

Yui (daughter)

Fumiko (daughter)

Ayumu (son)

Nanami (daughter)

Hobbies Sleeping with other women
Voice Actors

Hotoke Inoue is the head of the Inoue household and the biological father of Yui Komori. He is also the husband of Harumi Inoue, the younger brother of Ichiro Inoue, the father of Ryuu, Tora, Isamu, Fumiko, Ayumu, and Nanami, and youngest son of the two previous heads of the Inoue Household.

Appearance Edit

Hotoke has light blonde hair and green eyes. He is slender and has a beard.

Hotoke is usually seen wearing grey business suit with black tie and brownish shoes.

Personality Edit

Hotoke is known to be a womanizer and is showed to very unfaithful towards his wife Harumi Inoue. As an owner of a very successful company he's very serious when it comes to business. Hotoke shows to neglect his children heavily due his business and as well going after other women.

History Edit

Hotoke was born to the Inoue Household as the second and youngest son of the two previous heads of the family. As a young boy, Hotoke was very close to his older brother Ichiro and admired him greatly.

Relationships Edit

Ichiro Inoue Edit

Ichiro was Hotoke's older brother and looked up to him very often. Hotoke had a strong bond with his brother.

Mr. Inoue Edit

Mr. Inoue was Hotoke's father.

Mrs. Inoue Edit

Mrs. Inoue was Hotoke's mother.

Rin Edit

Rin was Hotoke's mistress and was a maid in his household. She is also the mother of his illegitimate daughter Yui Komori. It's unknown what Hotoke truly felt about Rin or what he truly thought about her. According to Rin, Hotoke was trapped in a loveless marriage. Hotoke gave Rin a pear necklace as a gift during their time together which she kept as a remaindre of their love affair.

Yui Komori Edit

Yui is Hotoke's illegitimate daughter from his affair with Rin. It's unknown if Hotoke was aware that Rin was pregnant with their daughter. Because Yui was raised by a Catholic priest, Hotoke never had the chance to meet his child.

Harumi Inoue Edit

Harumi is Hotoke's wife and the mother of all of his six legitimate children; however, he's very unfaithful to her as he had a mistress in their household.

Ryuu Inoue Edit

Ryuu is Hotoke's eldest son and first child and heir. Hotoke is not very to his eldest son due to business community and his womanizing ways.

Tora Inoue Edit

Tora is Hotoke's first daughter and second child. Hotoke strongly disapproves of his daughter's hunter career despite the fact that he was never there for her.

Isamu Inoue Edit

Isamu is Hotoke's second son and third child. Hotoke is not close to his second son as the two are both womanizers but while Hotoke does to sleep with women, Isamu only make feel better about themselves.

Fumiko Inoue Edit

Fumiko is Hotoke's third daughter and fifth child. Hotoke isn't close to his second daughter but he does want Fumiko to marry someone of fine money like he did with her mother.

Ayumu Inoue Edit

Ayumu is Hotoke's third son son and sixth child. Hotoke isn't bothered by the fact that his is training to be a demon hunter unlike his older sister but father and son aren't close ether.

Nanami Inoue Edit

Nanami is Hotoke's youngest daughter and youngest child. Hotoke is not close to his youngest child; in fact he sometimes forgets her name when he's with his family.

Trivia Edit

  • Hotoke's name means dead person.
  • He has seven children, six from his wife Harumi and one from his mistress Rin.
  • It's unknown if Hotoke had ever discovered that Rin was pregnant or not.
  • His family's name means above the well, well, mine shaft, pit, above, top, and upper.

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