Biographical Information
Rōmaji Jacob
Also Known As Creepy Kid (by Ayato)
Birthday Unknown
Age Centuries years old
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Unknown
Ethnicity None
Gender Male
Blood Type Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Professional Status
Occupation Familiar
Personal Status
Relatives Yasha (creature)
Hobbies Reading history
Favorite Food None
Voice Actors

Jacob is the familiar of Yasha. He is an unknown creature.

Appearance Edit

Jacob appears as a handsome young boy with short black hair and red eyes. He is slender and is very skinny with an average height. He also has unusual fair skin and a beauty mark under his right eye. His hair is coving left eye However, this is not his true form.

He wears a black robe with a hoodie on it. He has a white button shirt and a dark green trousers. He also wears a red tie, long white socks, and light brown shoes. He also wears sliver rings on all his fingers and wears a sliver necklace around his neck.

Personality Edit

Jacob may appear to be a sweet and friendly child; however, he is a dangerous and deadly creature that remains unknown. He's extremely sadist who enjoys test on living beings for his own amusement and has no remorse whoever he hurts. He is described by Ayato to be very creepy. Jacob is extremely intelligent with a love of science. When he appears to new people, Jacob speaks with politeness and kindness; however, this is just a facade for his sadistic plans.

Jacob is extremely manipulative towards people who are desperate to help their loved ones. Jacob openly believes that love is something that create and destroy things. Because of his everlasting lifespan, Jacob is bored since there's nothing to do with his immortality since he has been around for many centuries. He also has a strong sense of pride of what he is. Jacob has a dark sense of humor whenever he hurts someone.

History Edit

Jacob was created by Yasha in the same magic that the latter to life. Jacob soon became a familiar to the man that created him, even began to him as a father figure. During his early life, Jacob soon began to take interest in science.

Relationships Edit

Yasha Edit

Jacob was created by Yasha by using the same magic that him to life. Jacob is loyal to Yasha and respects him greatly. Jacob even sees Yasha as a father figure. However, Jacob does often secretly disobeys his master of few times. Also, unlike Yasha, Jacob isn't loyal to the demon kings. The boy even questions if the demon kings do care about the Demon World.

Abilities Edit

Although, Jacob is unknown creature, he does shows to be powerful and strong. He shows to be able to back back the dead.

Trivia Edit

  • Jacob's name means "Supplanter".
  • Jacob is much older than any of the main cast despite his younger appearance.
  • He can bring the dead to life again.
  • He shows to control the plants and trees around him.
  • Jacob's physical appearance isn't his real form. According to Jacob, his true form is much more scarier than he can do.