Jun Narisawa
Biographical Information
Rōmaji Narisawa Jun
Also Known As Ni-San (Big Brother, Mika)
Age 17
Status Deceased
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Ethnicity Japanese
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Professional Status
Occupation Second Year High School Student
Affiliation Narisawa Family
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed father (deceased)

Unnamed mother (deceased)

Mika (sister)

Voice Actors

Jun Narisawa was the older brother of Mika Narisawa.

Appearance Edit

Jun had black hair and grey eyes. He was tall and average height. He had fair skin and a slender body.

Personality Edit

Jun was a protective older brother who loved his younger sister. He enjoyed spending time with his family and cherished the memories with them. Jun al showed to be brave and selfless. This was showed when he told Mika to hide while he tried to fought off the kappas

History Edit

Jun was born in the Narisawa family as the eldest child. He and his family were close. However, Jun and his family had found themselves being hunted by kappas. His parents were killed first. Jun then told Mika to hide. He tried to reason with the kappas. Unfortunately, the kappas killed on the spot.

Relationships Edit

Unnamed father Edit

Jun loved his father very much.

Unnamed mother Edit

Jun loved his mother very much

Mika Narisawa Edit

Jun loved his sister very much.

Trivia Edit

  • Jun's name means "Obedient".