Ken Mori is Fumiko's childhood friend and love interest. He is a demon hunter. He also the cousin of Taiki and Hana Mori.

Appearance Edit

Ken has black hair and blue eyes. He has a slender body and fair skin.

He was wears a red button shirt and black pants. He also has dark brown shoes.

Personality Edit

Ken is very serious and very stoic. He's very intelligent and rarely smiles. Ken doesn't have much interest for other things in his life other than his hunting career even in a relationship. He does, however, shows to be protective of those who are precious to him.

History Edit

Ken was born in the working class and was the son of a respected demon hunter named Nobuo Mori. As a young boy, he befriended a girl who was named Fumiko who was from a wealthy household who were the Inoues. After the death of his aunt and uncle, Ken's cousins came to live with him and his father. Unfortunately, Ken himself was soon orphaned as well. His father was killed by a werewolf that was killing young girls.

After his father's death, Ken pulled away from everything and everyone including his friend Fumiko. He began to train to become a demon hunter like his father. During his training, Ken saw how the older hunters were scared of the years after seeing the horrors of the demons. Ken eventually became a demon hunter and was soon respect of both his father's legacy and his own skills.

Relationships Edit

Fumiko Inoue Edit

Fumiko is Ken's childhood friend. As children they would often play together and would secretly meet each other in her flower garden due to their social classes. Ken had often tried to get Fumiko to leave her garden to help her understand the outside world.

Taiki Mori Edit

Taiki is Ken's cousin. The two are very close to each other since they wmere younger.

Hana Mori Edit

Hana is Ken's younger cousin. Ken is very protective of her.

Nobuo Mori Edit

Nobuo was Ken's father who was killed by a werewolf.

Abilities Edit

As a demon hunter Ken is very skilled and very experience.

  • Shooing - Ken can shoot any demon in without getting noticed.
  • Arching - He also shows to be good at arching.

Trivia Edit

  • Ken's name means healthy and strong.
  • Ken had two cousins.
  • Ken's father is revealed to be a demon hunter and was killed by a werewolf.
  • He hates people who disrespects his father's memory.

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