Koneko Komori is the twin sister of Yui Komori. After their father moved abroad, Koneko got seperated from Yui and lived with Richter Sakamaki. A few months later Richter is killed by Laito Sakamaki who takes her to the Sakamaki mansion where she lives with her sister Yui and the Sakamaki brothers.

Koneko Komori
Biographical Information
Age 17
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Ethnicity Japanese
Gender Female
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Light Pink
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Yui Komori (twin sister)

Laito Sakamaki (husband)

Voice Actors


Koneko has an average appearance for a teenage girl. She has wavy blue waist-length hair which is always tied up with her bangs parted in the center. Her eyes are a light pink colour. 

In the school she went to when she lived with Richter Sakramaki, Koneko wore a white polo shirt with a black waist coat, red bow tie with a blazer, knee-length black stockings, a black skirt and black boots.

Now in the same same school as Yui, her school uniform consists of the black school blazer with a black deep V-neck vest over a white button-up dress shirt with frills near the neckline. She has a white bow showing through the V of the vest and wears a red bow tied to her neck above the white bow. The bottom is the black uniform skirt that stops above her knees with a white petticoat underneath. She wears it with black knee socks and black boots.


Koneko is a kind but also a hot-headed girl. She treats people with kindness unless they do something that she doesn't like, for example flirting with or touching Yui. Koneko is not afraid to speak her mind and also not afraid to do anything to save her friends and family. Koneko is very strong willed which is what people admire about her, Koneko doesn't care about dying, she only cares about saving people who are precious to her.

Koneko also has a 'prince' personality which makes girls fawn over her, she loves to compliment girls and likes to tease them, we see this when one of her fangirls Karin asked Koneko to call Karin by her real name instead of 'Hime' (which she calls all of the girls), Koneko said she would but played it off and called Karin 'Hime'. Koneko is also not afriad to do bold things with her fangirls, this can also be seen with Karin who said to Koneko to do something bol to her since she wouldn't call her by her real name, Koneko agreed and kissed Karin on the lips and teased her after.

Koneko is also a strong beliver of God, at first, she does not believe in the existence of vampires but eventually comes to accept them. 


Koneko lived with Yui and their adoptive father in a large house, she and Yui helped their father out t the church. Koneko was confused with herself by the time she was eleven, she knew boys were interested in girls and girls were interested in boys but she was intersted in both genders, when she found what bisexual was she was happy and immediatelt told Yui who was happy that her sister found out why she was so confused with herself, Yui told Koneko that she will always be by her side and will continue to be her sister and love her.

Koneko then told her father who was very angry to even think that she was, so he took her into a basement in their house and abused her by telling her that she can only be interested in men but Koneko disagreeing, saying she loves both genders.

Seiji continued to abuse Koneko which led to sexual abuse and rape from him and many of his friends that he payed to rape her. Koneko got new bruises everyday and always covered them up so that no one would be worried about her but despite being abused like this, she carried on smiling, Koneko revealed that Yui was her "light in the darkness" that helped her get through the abuse she went through.

Seiji then commanded that Koneko should never contact Yui as he thinks that Koneko will 'make a move' on her, Koneko disagreed with him saying that Yui is her sister and that she would never do something like that but he didn't believe herand he locked her in the basement and sometimes chained her to the wall. One night Koneko heared Yui who was crying because she thinks that Koneko hated her because she ignored her, Kneko managed to get out of the basement and went to Yui, she said that she will never hate Yui and she decided the two should play a game to lift Yui's spirits up and it did. Seiji found them and locked Koneko in the basement and took Yui to her room.

Seiji kept sexually abusing Koneko, and this lead her to look at her father as an object of hatred and pain.


Koneko got sepeated from Yui when their father moved to Europe for his work, Koneko was doing different studies then Yui so so Seiji sent her away from Yui (he also did this so that Koneko wouldn't do anything to Yui), she ended up living with Richter Sakamaki. Richter was kind to Koneko when she arrived at his mansion but he soon changed and got possessive over her.One night Kneko tried to escape but Richter caught her and gave her punishment which left a big mark on her back which she still has till this day, he punshed her on a daily basis.

Richter starts to go out more often and coming back at night drinking Koneko's bloos which makes her tired when she's at school. One night Koneko wakes up to a sound of foorsteps downstairs, she follows the  which leads her to the kitchen to find Laito Sakamaki. Koneko quickly finds out that Laito is Richer's nephew and Laito is confused as to why she is living with his uncle. Richer appears and becomes angry at Laito, soon Laito leaves and Richter gives Koneko punishment. 

A few days later Koneko is scared and worried because Richter has been gone for a few days and hasn't returned and Koneko walks in the back garden where she meets Laito again, they talk and she finds out that Yui is living with him and his other brothers, she also finds out that Yui is a vampire. Laito tells Koneko that Richter hasn't returned because he's dead which shocks Koneko but she is happy because she can finally escape.

Koneko asks Laito if she can live with Yui and his brothers, Laito says she can but on one condition, that she musr ne his and only his and Koneko agrees. Laito picks her up bridal style and flys to the sky where he kisses Koneko and she kisses back (she doesn't know why she kissed back) nd then he takes her to the Sakamaki Mansion.

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Yui Komori

Koneko truly loves Yui as a sister and always protects her danger. She stands by Yui's side no matter what and always gives Yui comfort. Many people descibe them as 'lovers' on how they act with each other, Koneko said that if Yui wan't her sister then she would happily date and marry her, no one knows if this is a joke or the truth. Koneko and Yui have a very strong bond that they can easily tell if one of them is lying but Koneko can tell if anyone is lting or telling the truth.

Koneko revealed that Yui is her 'light' within darkness, Koneko will put her life on the line to save Yui as Yui would do for Koneko. They are very comfortable with each other that when they sleep in the same bed, they wear their underwear and they even bath together where Koneko always comments that she's jealous of Yui's 'sexy' body, espicallt her breasts.

Seiji Komori

Koneko truly despises her adoptive father, he abused her since she was 11 because he was angry that she was bisexual. One day Koneko visited her father and killed him with her own hands, Koneko says that she doesn't regret killing him.

Ayato SakamakiEdit

Koneko and Ayato didn't get along with each other at first because Ayato always tried to be perverted with Yui to which Koneko would interfere causing Ayato to be angry, however the two get better along the way, this is because they are both protective over Yui, they love revenge and pranks. Ayato sees Koneko as a strong women which is one of the reasons hy he put her as Captain of the Vampire Knights after he became King and Yui became Queen of Vampires, Koneko said that she couldn't of had a better mam marry her sister. They often do sword training together  which sometimes Koneko wins or it's a draw. Ayato sees Koneko as a little sister and likes to tease her by patting her head or pulling her cheeks.

Laito Sakamaki

Laito is Koneko's husband. Laito was the first of his brothers to meet Koneko, after he killed Richter (or so he thought) he came to see Koneko and told her that he killed Richter, he also told her that Yui is a vampire and is living with him and his brothers. When Koneko asks is she can live with Yui and his brothers he says yes but on one codition, that she must be his and only his to which Koneko agrees to. Laito then carried Konek to the sky bridal style and kissed her and then took her to the Sakamaki mansion. Laito was alos the first one of his brothers to see the scars Koneko had, they both understand the pain of being sexually abused which brought them closer. Many saw the change in Laito's personality around Koneko, he was kinder and sometimes less perverted, sometimes he acted like a gentleman. As there relationship got more intimate they both started to develop romantic feelings for each other and soo confessed. A few months later they got married and soon had a daughter names 'Luna'.

Shu SakamakiEdit

Koneko and Shu get along very well, she gives him the nickname 'lazy ass' for his lazy personality.

Trivia Edit

  • Koneko is quite similar to Miya Tadao from the fanfiction Diabolik Lovers Merging Eclipse.

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