Oh right how rude of me. I am your auntie...

- Coraline to Ayato Sakamaki.


The Angelic Demon

Biographical Information
Kanji コーラン
Rōmaji Kōran
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race First Blood


Ethnicity Demon
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Daughter of the Demon Lord
Affiliation Sakamaki Family
Personal Status
Relatives Burai (Father)
Menae (Mother)
Cordelia (Sister)
Krone (Aunt)
Carla (Cousin)
Shin (Cousin)
Ritcher (Husband)
Shu (Nephew)
Reiji (Nephew)
Laito (Nephew)
Kanato (Nephew)
Ayato (Nephew)
Hobbies Spending time with her nephews and the poor

Attempting to stop Karl's plans

Favorite Food Pancakes

Sanuki udon

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Ai Kayano
English Voice Marion Cotillard

Coraline (コーラン Kōran) is a half-First Blood and half-Vibora hybrid and the sister of Cordelia. Coraline is the only sibling of Cordelia that comes from the same mother. She is married to Ritcher. Her home is a lonely tower with enough rooms for at least 3 people. After she meets her with her nephews, she instantly becomes a motherly figure to them.

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