Lewis Volkov
Biographical Information
Rōmaji Volkov Lewis
Birthday May 21st
Age 18
Status Alive (in the past)

Deceased (in the present)

Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Ethnicity Emleveran
Gender Male
Blood Type A
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Professional Status
Occupation Third Prince of Emlever
Affiliation Volkov Family
Personal Status
Relatives Hugo (father)

Elizabeth (mother)

George (older brother)

Victor (younger brother)

Mary (younger sister)

Hobbies Playing chess
Voice Actors

Lewis Volkov is the second Prince of Emlever. He is the second son of King Hugo and Queen Elizabeth Volkov. He is also the younger brother of George Volkov and the older brother of Victor and Mary Volkov. He is the third person to meet the heroine Yui Komori in her time traveler.

Appearance Edit

Lewis has short blonde hair and green eyes. He is tall and slender with fair skin.

Personality Edit

Lewis is extremely intelligent and cultural. He is well known as a genius in the kingdom. He considered to be very polite, charming, kind, friendly, and gentlemanly towards women. However, Lewis is very snobby and a stuck up.

History Edit

Lewis was born in the past in the kingdom of Emlever. He was born as the second son of King Hugo Volkov and his wife Queen Elizabeth. For most of his childhood, Lewis studied hard in older not to live in his older brother's shadow.

Relationships Edit

Hugo Volkov Edit

Lewis admires his father greatly since he was a child.

Elizabeth Volkov Edit

Lewis respects his mother greatly and loves a great deal.

George Volkov Edit

Lewis cares deeply about his older brother very much.

Victor Volkov Edit

Lewis has a close relationship with his younger brother.

Mary Volkov Edit

Lewis loves his little sister very much.

Yui Komori Edit

Lewis shows to be a bit curious about Yui. According to Lewis, her clothing is a bit strange around the kingdom (due to the fact that she is from the future) and advised her to wear local clothes. He is a bit rude towards Yui, although, this due to the fact that she was just released from a witch trial. He is also the one to telk her where was she and when is she.

Abilities Edit

Since he is a human, Lewis doesn't have any supernatural abilities or powers. He is also physically weak, unlike his brothers, who are much stronger physically. However, he does make it up for his intelligence.

Sword fighting Edit

Lewis shows to know sword fighting. However, he tends to use his intelligence during this.

Trivia Edit

  • Lewis' name means "Fame and war".
  • Lewis is considered to be the smartest in his family.
  • He is the third person to meet Yui.
  • He's physically the weakest out of his brothers.
  • He hates outside activities.