Biographical Information
Kanji 流紅玲子夜
Also Known As レッド レディー (Reddoredi,The red Lady)
Sign Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Age Many centuries old
Status Deceased
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Vampire
Gender Female
Height 5'8
Blood Type Unknown
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blood red
Professional Status
Occupation Vampire Queen (Former)
Affiliation Sakamaki Family
Personal Status
Relatives Karlheinz (Son)

Richter (Son)
Christa( Niece)
Shu Sakamaki(Grandson)
Reiji Sakamaki (Grandson)
Ayato Sakamaki (Grandson)
Kanato Sakamaki (Grandson)
Laito Sakamaki (Grandson)
Subaru Sakamaki(Grandson)

Hobbies Torturing people


Favorite Food Asari Miso soup

Strawberry Cake

Voice Actors

  • Lucretia (レッド レディー, Rukureshia) was a pure-blood vampire and the former Vampire Queen. She was the mother of Karlheinz and Richter. She was also the grandmother to the Sakamaki brothers.

Appearance Edit

Lucretia was a beautiful, seductive woman with long, curly white hair that was down to her thighs with distinctive side bangs. She had blood red eyes and a beautiful body that all women desired. She also had very pale almost white, porcelain skin.

She wore a long revealing red and , black dress with many frills and linings.

Her two sons took after her in many ways. Karlheinz was blessed with her white hair and Richter with her blood red eyes.

Personality Edit

Although Lucretia was very beautiful, she was very cruel but elegant at the same time. She was also a good liar and was the most sadistic out of the whole family. She was a brilliant seductress. Like Richter, she was very manipulative.

She praised Karlheinz but abused Richter because she simply had no use for him; he was an accident (or a mistake, according to her) and wasn't afraid of letting him know

She had a long string of affairs and lured human men (sometimes women too), seduced them, then drank their blood and then kill them in the most horrific ways.

She also adored torturing her subjects, servants. And also animals and humans that she would lure in.

She loved to sing most of the time. She used to spend her time walking around the garden at night.

History Edit

Among the humans, she is called 'The Red Lady'. She praised her eldest son, Karlheinz and mistreated her youngest son, Richter and often ignored him. After Shu was born, she was killed by an unknown highly skilled vampire hunter that was hired by Richter.

Relationships Edit


She praised Karlheinz for being her eldest son and chose him as her successor and heir. He was her favourite and spoiled him.


Lucretia had a very bad relationship with her youngest son, Richter.

She did not intend on having Richter and always told him that he was a mistake. She physically and mentally abused him allthrough his childhood.

He soon took his revenge by hiring a highly skilled vampire hunter to kill her.


She didn't really care much for Cordelia. But Cordelia was envious of her as she was the Vampire queen by blood and right, so Cordelia had to be respectful or she would be thrown into the dungeons and tortured for all eternity.


Lucretia respected Beatrix but did not like her. Because of her monotone attitude,she found her rather boring.


Christa was her niece. She respected her and often visited her.

Her GrandsonsEdit

They never got to meet her, nor do they want to hear about her,

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Trivia Edit

  • Lucretia is a feminine form of the Roman family name Lucretius, possibly from Latin lucrum "profit, wealth". In Roman legend Lucretia was a maiden who was raped by the son of the king of Rome.
  • She was fluent in French, English, Greek,German and many other languages.
  • Karlhienz has her hair and Richter has her eyes.
  • She was highly intelligent.
  • She was ambidextrous but usually just used her right hand.
  • She gave her servants very severe punishments using medieval torture methods.
  • She got what she wanted by playing mind games or by blackmail.
  • She liked plays by William Shakespeare and her favourite was Hamlet.
  • She was a fan of Edgar Allen Poe and Lord Byron.