Miwa Sakamaki is the the Vampire Princess but is unfortunately very sick. She is the 10 year old daughter of the Vampire King Karlheinz and his fourth wife Ai. She is the youngest sister of the Sakamaki brothers and the adoptive sister of the Mukami brothers.

Appearance Edit

Miwa has a strong resemblance of her mother. She has long beautiful straight pink hair and warm cherry red eyes. She has a small and delicate body with beautiful pale skin.

She wears a beautiful blue dress.

Personality Edit

Miwa is very kind and sweet. Despite being the Princess of the Vampires, Miwa treats everyone with equal respect no matter who or what they are.

History Edit

Miwa was born to the Vampire King Karlheinz and his fourth wife Ai.

Relationships Edit

Karlheinz Edit

Ai Edit

Richter Edit

Shu Sakamaki Edit

Reiji Sakamaki Edit

Ayato Sakamaki Edit

Kanato Sakamaki Edit

Laito Sakamaki Edit

Subaru Sakamaki Edit

Kino Edit

Ruki Mukami Edit

Kou Mukami Edit

Yuma Mukami Edit

Richter Edit

Cordelia Edit

Beatrix Edit

Christa Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Miwa is the only daughter of Karlheinz.

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