Mr. Maki
Biographical Information
Also Known As Papa (by younger Tamotsu)
Age Mid to late 30s
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Ethnicity Japanese
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Professional Status
Affiliation Maki Family
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed ex wife

Unnamed second wife

Tamotsu (son)

Voice Actors

Mr. Maki is the unnamed father of Tamotsu Maki and the ex husband of Mrs. Maki.

Appearance Edit

Mr. Maki has brown hair and brown eyes. He is a tall man.

Personality Edit

Mr. Maki's personality is unknown but flashbacks are hinting that he loved his family. However, he that stopped him from having an affair with another woman behind his family's backs.

History Edit

Mr. Maki met a young woman and soon married her. The two had a son who they named Tamotsu. However, he took a mistress behind his wife's back. Eventually, his wife discovered about the affair. Mr. Maki then left her and their son for his lover.

Relationships Edit

Unnamed ex wife Edit

Mr. Maki's relationship with his ex wife is complicate. He had happy marriage with her. However, Mr. Maki cheated on her with another woman behind her back. He, eventually, left her and their son for his new wife.

Tamotsu Maki Edit

Tamotsu is Mr. Maki's son. Their relationship is complicated. Mr. Maki once had happy and strong bond with his son. However, that didn't stopped him from having an affair with another woman. After Mr. Maki left Tamotsu and his mother for his lover. Because of this, Tamotsu has a strong resentment towards his father for breaking his mother's heart.

Unnamed second wife Edit

Mr. Maki had an affair with a unnamed woman. How he met her or how the affair began is unknown. He completely abandoned his family for her.

Trivia Edit

  • It's revealed that he abandoned his family for another woman.
  • It's unknown if he made another family with his second wife.