Mrs. Maki is the unnamed mother of Tamotsu Maki.

Appearance Edit

Mrs. Maki has a strong resemblance of her son. She has a average height body. Mrs. Maki has back hair that is in a ponytail and blue eyes. She also has fair skin.

She wears a creamy sweater with a white shirt under it and a purple skirt. She also wears black slippers.

Personality Edit

Mrs. Maki is a loving mother towards her son and cares about him very much. Mrs. Maki is a very warm, friendly, and kind woman who welcomes everyone in her home. She has a teasing side which is shown when she says that she wants grandchildren to her son and their friends.

History Edit

At a young age, she meet unnamed man and married him soon after that. The young couple had a son whom they named Tamotsu. However, for reasons unknown her husband have either died and left, Mrs. Maki raised Tamotsu by herself.

Relationships Edit

Tamotsu Maki Edit

Tamotsu is Mrs. Maki's son. She loves and supports him very much. Mrs. Maki wants her son to have more friends at school and to date a girl who is loves him for who he is.

Yui Komori Edit

Mrs. Maki took a liking towards Yui and quickly became fond of her. Mrs, Maki believes that Yui is the perfect girl that Tamotsu should date.

Trivia Edit

  • Her husband is not seen or mentioned. This could mean that he passed away or he left the two.
  • Mrs. Maki and her son have a dog named Karin.

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