Ran Kuroba
Biographical Information
Rōmaji Kuroba Ran
Birthday May 5th
Age 17 (physically, unknown actual age)
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Changeling/Succubus Hybrid
Ethnicity Japanese
Gender Female
Height 63.8 inches
Blood Type O
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Aquamarine
Professional Status
Occupation Second Year High School Student
Personal Status
Relatives Arthur (father)
Hobbies Shopping
Favorite Food Rich balls
Voice Actors

Ran Kuroba is a changeling/succubus hybrid and the 17 (in human years) daughter of the Changeling King Arthur.

Appearance Edit

Ran has long straight green hair and aquamarine eyes. She is average height (which 63.8 inches) and has pale skin.

She wears a dark red dress and choker.

Personality Edit

Ran has little to no knowledge about the world outside of her home. Ran shows to be naïve and as well to be clueless to human and other demons.

History Edit

Ran was born to the Changeling King Arthur and was isolated from the outside world for most of her life. Throughout her childhood she was trained to as a spy for her father.

Relationships Edit

Arthur Edit

Ran's relationship with her father is unknown.

Yui Komori Edit

Ran kidnapped Yui and took the latter's appearance to take the human's place.

Abilities Edit

Because Ran is a changeling/succubus hybrid, she has few abilities of the two demon races.


Ran can shapeshift to whoever she wants to due to her changleing half.

Dream entering Edit

Ran shows that she can enter person's dream. This is due to her succubus side.

Trivia Edit

  • Ran's name means lily or orchid.
  • Her blood type is o.
  • She is a second year student.
  • It's unknown if Ran can have energy from the sexual dreams of the men she enters.

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