Biographical Information
Kanji リン
Rōmaji Rin
Also Known As Mother (by Yui)

That woman (by Ayato)

That Whore (Tora)

Birthday June 23rd
Age 40
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Ethnicity Japanese
Gender Female
Height 164 cm (5'5")
Weight 50 kg (101 lb)
Blood Type O
Hair Color Platinum Blonde
Eye Color Sterbet Pink
Professional Status
Occupation Maid of the Inoue Household (formerly)

Mistress of Lord Hotoke Inoue (formerly)

Personal Status
Relatives Hotoke (lover)

Yui (daughter)

Hobbies Sleeping with Hotoke (formerly)
Favorite Food Chicken
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Nana Mizuki
English Voice Sandy Fox

Rin (リン Rin) is the biological mother of Yui Komori. She is the former maid of the noble Inoue family and the ex mistress of the head of the Inoue family Hotoke Inoue.

Appearance Edit

Rin has a strong resemblance of her daughter of which she looks like a grown up Yui. Like her daughter she has blonde wavy hair but longer that goes down to her waist and has pink eyes. She is also a bit taller than Yui and has fair skin. She is also average height herself.

Rin wears a simple pink button blouse and a light brown skirt. She also wears dark brown shoes.

On the night she abandoned, her daughter she wore a white coat that goes above her ankles. She also wore brown stockings and black heels.

Whenever Yui gives her money, Rin now wears fancy clothes that are expensive to her before.

When she was working for the wealthy Inoue family she wore a typical maid uniform that was black and long. It had a white apron and a white cape.

Personality Edit

However, unlike her daughter Rin is somewhat shameless as she had no problem being a mistress to a married man. Rin shows to be very lustful. Rin has a strong hatred of children which showed in a flashback when she was put in charge of the children of the household. It's revealed that she's a gold digger when Hotoke gave her jewelry and money. When Rin found out was pregnant with Yui she wanted an abortion, showing a cold personality. After she gave birth to her daughter she literally just dumped her baby in a dumpster showing she had no remorse.

After discovered that her daughter that still alive and was living with a rich man's sons, she wanted to have some of Yui's fortune not caring about her. Rin showed to be a good lier by saying loved her daughter and didn't gave up hope of seeing her again. Which she didn't care if Yui was found by someone or not. Rin also showed a cold mother towards Yui when the former never gave the latter a name when she abandoned her. During her time with Yui, Rin soon began to manipulate her daughter to in order to make Yui loyal to her mother. She shows to be a bit sadistic when she reveals that her abusing treatment for Yui is emotionally abuse.

Rin shows to be jealous of her own daughter because of Yui living with young handsome rich men. She soon began to emotionally abuse Yui by using the latter's love for her to get money. Rin has an arrogant behavior, believing that all men are lusting after her. She also shows to be a bit arrogant when it comes to her. Believing that all men want her and desire only her while her daughter is just a replacement for her. According to Ayato, this trait is very similar to Cordelia. However, Rin does have some standards when it comes to the ages of men. Rin shows that she isn't into dating younger men.

History Edit

Rin was born in poor class and wanted to be in high class. At some point in her life became a maid to a rich family called the Inoues. Rin hated her job as a maid and wanted more in her life. She eventually became the mistress of the head of the household Hotoke Inoue. They spent their time together which Rin eventually madly fell in love with Hotoke despite the fact he was already married with children of his own. However, when Hotok's wife Harumi Inoue found out about the affair between Rin and Hotoke; she (Rin) was fired. Rin's life went back to the way it before she met Hotoke. When Rin discovered that she was pregnant with Hotoke's baby, she tried use her unborn child as a way to get back in the luxurious life but realized the child will only be considered as an illegitimate and not a proper member of the Inoue Household. Rin then tried to get an abortion but couldn't afford it.

By the time she had the money, Rin went to early labor and gave birth to a baby girl. Unfortunately, she was not happy about being a mother. Rin went to an ally and dumped her baby in dumpster. Without looking back, Rin left her child in the dumpster. It was were Richter (the Vampire King Karlheinz's younger brother) found the abandoned and unwanted child. It's unknown what became of Rin after she abandoned her daughter. At some point Rin was contacted that her daughter was alive and well. Rin was shocked upon hearing the news about her daughter and tried to understand what was going on. However, upon discovering that her daughter was living with a rich family who were called the Sakamakis, Rin tried to use her status of the mother of her daughter as a way to get into a luxurious lifestyle.

Relationships Edit

Yui Komori Edit

Yui is Rin's daughter and the daughter that the latter never wanted. Rin wanted nothing to do with Yui and wanted an abortion. Never in Yui's life that Rin showed love towards her daughter but instead showed hatred and rejection even before Yui's birth. When Rin discovered that her daughter was alive and was now living with a rich family called the Sakamakis, Rin was happy but not because her daughter was alive but because her child was now living the good life. Rin decided to meet her daughter after the years so she could have some of her's daughter's fortune. Rin didn't even gave Yui a name on the day she was born. She soon tried to use Yui's new found love for her mother by saying that she (Rin) needs money to pay for mechanical bills. While Rin doesn't care about her daughter; Yui; however, loves her mother very much and is happy to see her.

Yui wants to be close to her mother after finally meeting her. Unknown to her, Rin doesn't care about Yui and is just using her for her own selfish goal. Yui tires to be close to Rin but is kept from the boys from doing that. Yui's desire to with her mother soon began a wedge between her and the boys. Rin soon began to show her true colors when Yui asked about her biological father. Yui refused to believe that her mother is just her using for money. Yui's love for her mother soon began to blind her and was not able to see Rin for who she really is. Rin shows to be enjoying to see Yui always siding instead of the boys.

Rin soon began to get bored of her own daughter and was beginning to show less of her "love" towards Yui. Yui; however, still in denial that Rin doesn't love her even when there's evidence to proof that Rin is a con. However, when Yui finally sees Rin for she truly is and not the warm and loving mother she thought she was, Yui was completely heartbroken. When Rin was confronted by Yui who asked if the former does really love her. Which Rin only laughed coldly in her daughter's face saying as if she could really love a burden like Yui. This causes Yui to have a emotional breakdown and mentally scarred by this. Rin is then called out by Yui saying that her biological father didn't loved the latter and she was just his plaything.

This actually causes Rin to slap her daughter in the face. However, this act nearly caused her life when the boys to threaten her to kill her only to be spared when Yui bagged them not to hurt her. Showing that she still cares about her mother. However, Yui doesn't seemed to have any sympathy towards her mother after Rin became broke again.

Hotoke Inoue Edit

Hotoke was Rin's employer and her lover. He is the biological father of her daughter Yui Komori. When she was still working for his family, she showed that she was madly in love with him. Rin had believed that Hotoke was trapped in loveless marriage and was miserable. However, this was side of the affair and only believed that he loved her only. It's unknown what Hotoke truly felt or thought about Rin. She apparently kept remembering their time together fondly. Rin even kept a pear necklace that was a gift from Hotoke. According to Rin, Hotoke was a gentleman when he was with her. Rin clearly doesn't wants to believe that she was just fling and not his true love.

Whenever someone says that Rin is just his plaything, she snaps at them. Rin strongly believes that Hotoke will leave his family to be with her instead. Hotoke is the only living person that Rin actually cares other than herself and that she was most happy during their relationship.

Harumi Inoue Edit

Harumi was Rin's employer. Because the latter was having an affair with the former's husband and had an illegitimate daughter with him, the two disliked each other. Rin had always believed that Harumi was trapping Hotoke in a loveless marriage. When Harumi discovered about the affair she fired Rin. Rin also believes that Harumi is just some woman that Hotoke is bored. Rin doesn't want to believes that she and Harumi are alike because of both women were just used toys of some lustful man that he got tried. According to Rin, Harumi is the main reason that everything in her life is miserable despite the fact Harumi has nothing to do with Rin's life after the latter fired the former,

Ayato Sakamaki Edit

Ayato seems to be suspicious of Rin. Rin tries to act like a good mother when she is around with Ayato and the other boys. Ayato tried keep Rin from Yui. Ayato and the other boys threatened Rin's life if she ever tries anything to Yui it will be the last thing she'll ever do.

Kanato Sakamaki Edit

Kanato took a dislike towards Rin. Kanato strongly believes that Rin is trying to take Yui from him. Kanato and the other boys threatened Rin's life if she ever tries anything to Yui it will be the last thing she'll ever do.

Laito Sakamaki Edit

Laito found Rin to be very attractive but founds her to strange. Laito thinks Rin is up to something and believes that she doesn't care about Yui. Laito and other boys threatened Rin's life if she ever tries anything to Yui.

Shu Sakamaki Edit

Shu doesn't seem to like Rin very much. Shu thinks that Rin is a lewd woman, more than Yui as he believes. In fact, he seems to think that she using her own daughter for her own selfish desire. Shu and the other boys threatened Rin's life if she ever tries anything to Yui it will be the last thing she'll ever do.

Reiji Sakamaki Edit

Reiji founds Rin to be suspicious. Reiji is trying to find some information about Rin and seems to question her absent in Yui's life. In fact, Reiji tries to keep Yui from her own mother. Reiji, along with Ruki and Carla went through Rin's history and discovered about her past relationship with a nobleman. Reiji and the boys threatened Rin if she ever tries anything to Yui it will be the last thing she'll ever do.

Subaru Sakamaki Edit

Subaru can't help feel a little uncomfortable around Rin. Subaru tires to keep Rin from Yui. Rin thinks Subaru is kinda cute. Subaru and other boys threatened Rin's life if she ever does anything to Yui.

Ruki Mukami Edit

Ruki appearances to be suspicious of Rin because of not only of the latter suddenly appearing in Yui's life but his own parental abandonment. Ruki soon to question about Rin and believes that she doesn't care about her daughter. Ruki, along with Reiji and Carla went through Rin's history and discovered that she was a nobleman's mistress in the past. Ruki and the other boys threatens her if she ever comes back, they'll kill her.

Kou Mukami Edit

Kou believes that Rin is lying about wanting to be with her daughter. Kou tries to use his eye on Rin to see if she does cares about Yui. Kou and other boys threatened Rin's life if she ever tries anything to Yui.

Yuma Mukami Edit

Yuma doesn't trust Rin. Yuma believes that Rin is a gold digger and is just using her own daughter as a pawn.

Azusa Mukami Edit

Azusa is seem to suspicious of Rin wanting to be in Yui's life. Azusa tries to keep Yui from being close to her mother. Rin thinks that Azusa is weird boy. Azusa and the other boys threatened Rin's life if she ever tries anything to Yui.

Carla Tsukinami Edit

Carla doesn't like Rin much and is very suspicious of her. Carla thinks that Rin is unworthy to be the mother of Yui because of Rin's absence in her daughter's life. He, along with Reiji and Ruki went through Rin'a history and discovered that she was a mistress to a nobleman. He and the other boys threatened Rin by saying her life will be at stake if she stays.

Shin Tsukinami Edit

Shin is very suspicious of Rin because of the latter had appeared in Yui's life so suddenly. Shin soon began to investigate in Rin's past. Shin and the other boys threatened Rin's life if she ever tries anything to Yui it will be the last thing she'll ever do.

Kino Edit

Kino is suspicious towards Rin and wants to know the latter's absent in her daughter's life. Rin finds Kino to be like her daughter. Kino and the other boys threatened Rin's life if she ever tries anything to Yui it will be the last thing she'll ever do.

Mika Narisawa Edit

Rin first met Mika during the school's festival and quickly took somewhat of a fondness towards her. However, Rin does show that she doesn't care much about Mika's friendship with her daughter.

Tora Inoue Edit

Tora is the oldest daughter of her former lover Hotoke. Rin showed that she didn't care about Tora when the latter was a child. In return, Tora doesn't seem to like Rin either. In fact, Tora calls Rin a whore.

Trivia Edit

  • Rin's name means "Cold".
  • She was 23 when give birth and abandoned Yui.
  • It's unknown if Rin was ever contact about her daughter being alive and was living with a Catholic priest. Although, it's unlikely that she would have been.
  • It's revealed that Rin never gave Yui a name because she thought it was pointless to gave a soon to be dead child a name.
  • She has a pearl necklace that was a gift from her lover Hotoke and kept it as a fond reminder of their time together.
  • Her blood type is O like her daughter.
  • According to Ayato, Rin is very similar to his mother Cordelia. Both are very lustful women. Both used their children for their own selfish goals. Both wanted to be noticed by the men they love and have them to not to look at other women.
  • It's revealed that Rin was fired by Harumi when the latter discovered about the love affair between Hotoke and the former.
  • She hates children.
  • Rin is considered to be a pain to all the boys.
  • Rin is the opposite of her daughter Yui. While Yui is kind and sweet, Rin is mean and sour, Yui is warm and caring, Rin is cold and selfish.