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Ryō Hīragi
Diabolik Lovers OC - Ryō Hīragi
Biographical Information
Kanji 柊 リョウ
Rōmaji Hīragi Ryō
Also Known As Yukidama (Snowball) (by Ayato)
Birthday September 7
Age 17
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Ethnicity Japanese
Gender Male
Height 178 cm (5'10")
Weight 59 kg (131 lb)
Blood Type B
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Professional Status
Occupation 2nd year High School Student


Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Parents

Unnamed older brother
Unnamed younger sister

Hobbies Kendo, Playing video games
Favorite Food Curry
Game Diabolik Lovers ~Haunted Dark Bridal~
Manga Diabolik Lovers Prequel
Anime Episode 2
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Akira Ishida
English Voice Yuri Lowenthal

Ryō Hīragi (柊 リョウ Hīragi Ryō) is a hunter that Juri and Yui met at Ryoutei Academy.


Ryō is a handsome young man with somewhat spiky snow white hair and blue eyes. He is lean, but moderately muscular which comes from his hunter training.

He usually wears high collar shirts (which are sometimes sleeveless) with either a jacket or a hoodie and dark pants. He wears this with dark running shoes.

His school uniform consists of the black school jacket with a slightly unzipped hoodie underneath. Under the hoodie, he wears a white collar shirt with a slightly loosened red school tie and dark shirt underneath that. He wears it with the black uniform pants and dark shoes.


Ryō is a somewhat aloof person, usually very calm and collected. Even so, he is a gentle and kind person. He is also intelligent and athletic.

He is a gifted hunter and therefore can be a bit cocky when it comes to his hunter abilities. He smart enough to know that he shouldn't overestimate his abilities or underestimate his opponents.

He has a strong hatred towards all supernatural creatures especially vampires. Because of Juri, he comes to understand that not all of them are evil and only hunts the ones that harm humans.

Whenever he talks to any of the Sakamaki's or any vampire at school, he maintains a calm demeanor but uses veiled insults if they get on his nerves.


Ryō's family have been hunters in Japan for centuries. He is the second oldest child out of three and from a young age was trained to be a hunter alongside his siblings.

When he was sixteen, he was accepted into Ryoutei Academy.


Juri Sumeragi

When Juri transferred in, he could tell that she was a hunter. After the class was done, he asked if he could talk to her. He asked about why she was here and after she told him, he said he would become her ally/friends and help protect Yui.

Yui Komori

After hearing about her situation, he said that he would help protect her alongside Juri.


Like Juri, Ryō was trained extensively to be a skilled hunter which is why many of his abilities are similar to hers.


He has increased physical strength which is on par with some demons and most vampires. It is purely metaphysical as his body mass did not change.


Ryō possesses great speed and reflexes.

His intensified speed, agility, reflexes, and endurance makes her somewhat faster than some vampires, demons or any other supernatural creature. His reflexes are also heightened.

Ryō also has superhuman stamina, flexibility and dexterity similar to a lot of vampires, demons. He can move, jump very high, flip, climb and run incredibly fast without much difficulty or exhaustion.

Resilience and Healing

Ryō extensive training allowed her to handle more trauma than most humans, without much discomfort or injury.

He has displayed an ability to heal his wounds.


Ryō has a far more enhanced sense of hearing, sight and smell that far exceeds normal human which came from harsh training.

This also gave him a heightened awareness of her surroundings. This heightened awareness allowed her to know the position of an attacker and fight them without relying on her sight.

Other Abilities

Also like Juri, as part of his training, Ryō had to be skilled in many martial arts including kenjutsu, ninjutsu, and aikido.


  • Hīragi means "Holly."
  • His foot size is 27 cm.
  • He is right-handed.
  • Like Juri, his hunter skills and abilities are similar to that of the Slayers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer but with a few differences.

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