Ryuu Inoue
Biographical Information
Rōmaji Inoue Ryuu
Birthday January 6th
Age 25
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Ethnicity Japanese
Gender Male
Blood Type A
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Professional Status
Occupation Heir of the Inoue Household
Affiliation Inoue Family
Personal Status
Relatives Akio (ancestor, deceased)

Unnamed grandfather (deceased)

Unnamed grandmother (deceased)

Hotoke (father)

Harumi (mother)

Ichiro (uncle, deceased)

Tora (younger sister)

Isamu (younger brother)

Yui (younger half-sister

Fumiko (younger sister)

Ayumu (younger brother)

Nanami (younger sister)

Hobbies Studying
Anime Episode 4 (on the news only)
Voice Actors

Ryuu Inoue is the eldest son and heir of the wealthy Inoue family. Ryuu is the 25-year old son of Hotoke and Harumi Inoue. He is the eldest brother of Tora, Isamu, Fumiko, Ayumu, and Nanami. He's also the eldest half brother of Yui Komori. He is the eldest nephew of the late Ichiro Inoue and the eldest grandson of the two previous heads of the Inoue Household.

He appears to have a partnership with Tougo Sakamaki (the Vampire King Karlheinz)

Appearance Edit

Ryuu has a strong resembles of his mother; he has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He is slender and pale skins.

He wears glasses and wears a black business suit with a black tie and has black shoes.

Personality Edit

Ryuu is very intelligent and is a very awkward when it comes to woman. He's very calm and collected. As the heir to the noble Inoue family he takes his title very seriously as he knows that his family name is important to keep in high class.

History Edit

Ryuu was born in the wealthy Inoue family as the eldest son and heir of the head of the family Hotoke Inoue and Harumi Inoue. Since at a young age he was groomed to be the next head of the Inoue family. As a young child he accidental walked in on his father who with another woman. This event caused Ryuu to have awkwardness towards women.

Relationships Edit

Hotoke Inoue Edit

Hotoke is Ryuu's father. Ryuu is not very close to his father due to the latter's neglecting him through his entire life.

Harumi Inoue Edit

Harumi is Ryuu's mother. Ryuu loves his mother very much and is much closer to her than his father.

Tora Inoue Edit

Toru is Ryuu's younger sister.

Isamu Inoue Edit

Isamu is Ryuu's younger brother.

Fumiko Inoue Edit

Fumiko is Ryuu's younger sister.

Ayumu Inoue Edit

Ayumu is Ryuu's younger brother.

Nanami Inoue Edit

Nanami is Ryuu's youngest sister.

Yui Komori Edit

Yui is Ryuu's illegitimate younger half sister. They have the same father but have different mothers. It's unknown if he ever found about his father's affair with another woman.

Trivia Edit

  • Ryuu's name means "Dragon".
  • It's revealed that as a young boy, Ryuu accidentally walked on his father kissing another woman.
  • He is the first one in his family to be seen. Since he made an early appearance in the anime.