Sabrina de Struik
Amelia de struik oc mother blonde no face shown
Biographical Information
Kanji サブリナ
Rōmaji Sabūrina
Also Known As S.S.
Birthday August 5
Status Deceased
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Ethnicity Austrian
Gender Female
Hair Color Yellow Blonde
Professional Status
Occupation Mother, Wife
Personal Status
Relatives Amelia de Struik (daughter)

Orochi Susumu (husband)

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Kaoru Mizuhara
Image Gallery

Sabrina de Struik is the mother of Amelia, and human wife to Orochi Susumu. She was the one who saved Amelia from being killed by Seiji. After Orochi disappeared, she died.

Appearance Edit

She had pale skin and voluminous blonde hair reaching to her chest with bangs sweeping distinctly to the left, partially covering her left eye.

In Amelia's flashback, she wore a floor-length red halter dress that has ruffles all along the side of the dress's bottom. Over it, she had an opera jacket with crinoline along the long sleeves. She always wears jewelry.

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