The Kitsune Boy
Biographical Information
Age 7 (physically, unknown actually age)
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Fox Yokai
Ethnicity Japanese
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Golden
Professional Status
Occupation Noble Child
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed mother
Hobbies Making new friends
Favorite Food Mice
Voice Actors

The Kitsune Boy is the son of the The Kitsune.

Appearance Edit

The Kitsune Boy is a young spirit who appears as a boy. He is an adorable looking child that is small with fair skin and rosy cheeks. He has white hair and golden eyes along with fox ears that matches his hair.

In his fox form, the Kitsune Boy looks like an ordinary baby fox to most people. He has white fure and golden eyes.

He was shown to wear traditional kimonos with wooden shoes.

Personality Edit

The Kitsune Boy appears to be very friendly and nice. However, he is also very innocent and naïve when it comes to know new people. But the Kitsune Boy is very sensitive and usually cries for his mother to comfort him. He is also shown to not hold grudges against people who wrongs him or his mother. Unlike his mother, the Kitsune Boy shows to be more forgiving towards them. However, the Kitsune Boy doesn't seem to beg his mother to spare them.

History Edit

The Kitsune Boy lived for a long time. Sometime ago, he came upon a human girl named Sen Hisakawa (who was angry at her family for arranging her marriage). Wanting to be friends with her, he came to her but she pushed him away. But the young yokai didn't understand that she was in a bad mood, he came up to her again. Sen kicked him again and this time she threw rocks at him. This caused him to cry in pain and crying for his mother. His mother came to his aid and quickly comforted him. His mother then cursed Sen by turning her into a fox spirit as a punishment.

Relationships Edit

Unnamed mother Edit

The Kitsune is the mother of the Kitsune Boy. It's shows that the Kitsune Boy loves his mother very deeply. He is shown to run to her arms for comfort.

Sen Hisakawa Edit

Sen is the human girl that the Kitsune Boy tried to befriend.

Abilities Edit

Because he is still just a child, the Kitsune Boy's abilities is unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • He and his mother are the only characters in the series that are nameless.

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