Tsukushi Komori
Apollon re-colored hair and eyes

This is what i want Tsukushi to looks a like

Biographical Information
Rōmaji Komori Tsukushi
Birthday November 6th
Age 19
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Ethnicity Japanese
Gender Male
Height 5'8"
Weight 123 lbs
Blood Type O
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Turquoise
Professional Status
Occupation Hunter
Personal Status
Relatives Seiji Komori
Yui Komori
Voice Actors

Tsukushi Komori (小森 筑紫; Komori Tsukushi), is a human. He is the brother of Yui, and he's also adopted by Seiji Komori. The childhood friend of Amane.




Amane met him when she was sixteen. He was eight years old, and he was playing in the Church's garden when Amane met him for the first time.