Victor Volkov
Biographical Information
Rōmaji Volkov Victor
Birthday January 12th
Age 17
Status Alive (in the past)

Deceased (in the present)

Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Ethnicity Emleveran
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Professional Status
Occupation Third Prince of Emlever
Affiliation Volkov Family
Personal Status
Relatives Hugo (father)

Elizabeth (mother)

George (older brother)

Lewis (older)

Mary (younger sister)

Hobbies Horseback riding
Voice Actors

Victor Volkov is the third Prince of Emlever whom the heroine Yui Komori meets during her time traveling. He is the third royal son of King Hugo and Queen Elizabeth Volkov. He is the younger brother of Princes George and Lewis Volkov and the older brother of Mary Volkov.

Appearance Edit

Victor is extremely, beautifully handsome has shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. He is average height with strong shoulder blades and fair skin.

He wears a black coat with and black pants with brown shoes.

Personality Edit

Victor is extremely charming, polite, and gentlemanly towards his subjects. As a prince, he is very well known as a smooth talker towards women, both of nobility and commoners. However, Victor can be very immature.

He is extremely bossy around people (such as the heroine) and often demands to listen to him. He can be a bit arrogant and self centered most of the time. However, he can be a kind person at heart and deeply cares about his family.

History Edit

Victor as born in the past in the Kingdom of Emlever as the third Prince. He was the third and youngest royal son of King Hugo Volkov and his Queem Elizabeth Volkov. For most of his childhood, he was close to his older brothers George and Lewis Volkov.

Relationships Edit

Hugo Volkov Edit

Victor has a warm and loving relationship with his father.

Elizabeth Volkov Edit

Victor has a very strong and close bond with his mother.

George Volkov Edit

Victor looks up towards his eldest brother.

Lewis Volkov Edit

Victor has a good relationship with his second older brother.

Mary Volkov Edit

Victor is very protective of his younger sister.

Yui Komori Edit

Victor met Yui when she was being accused of witchcraft. He managed to save her from being killed. Victor took an interest in her, saying that she was different from the other girls he had met. However, he can be a bit bossy around her.

Abilities Edit

Although, Victor is merely a human and doesn't have supernatural powers. However, he does have athletes abilities.

Horseback riding Edit

Victor is well known in his kingdom as an excellent horse rider.

Sword fighting Edit

Victor is extremely good at sword fighting.

Trivia Edit

  • Victor's name means "Conqueror".
  • His last name means "Wolf".
  • He is the first human to be a prince in the series.
  • His favorite animal are horses.
  • Victor and his brothers are the closest group of boys to be nice to the heroine.