La Velia Rihavein (Given Name)

Yukou Haruna (Current)

Sona sitori
Biographical Information
Kanji ヴェーリアリハヴァイン (Given Name)

優子春菜 (Current)

Rōmaji Ra Beria Rihavuain (Given Name)

Yūko Haruna (Current Name)

Also known as Imoutou - Chan (By Sakamaki)

Kuroneko - chan (By Kou) Mochi (By Yuma) Yu - Tan (By Meia)

Sign Scorpio
Birthday October 31
Age 17
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race First Blood
Ethnicity Japanese
Gender Female
Height 168 (6'9")
Weight 45.5 Kg (101 Lbs)
Blood Type AB
Eye Color Light Purple
Hair Color Black dense
Professional Status
Occupation Demon Lord Second Daughter

Second High year Student Student Vice President

Affiliation Sakamaki Household
Personal Status
Relatives Burai (Biological father)

Kanon Haruna (Mother) Kou Haruna (Step father) Shu Sakamaki (Adoptive Brother) Reiji Sakamaki (Adoptive Brother) Laito Sakamaki (Adoptive Brother) Kanato Sakamaki (Adoptive Brother) Ayato Sakamaki (Adoptive Brother) Subaru Sakamaki (Adoptive Brother) Kou Mukami (Lover)

Hobbies Reading Book
Favorite Food Okonomiyaki
Game Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal
Anime Episode 5
Voice Actors
Japanese Aoi Yuki
English Alexis Tipton
Image Gallery

Yukou Haruna (優子春菜 Haruna Yūko) or Her given name is La Velia Rihavein (ヴェーリアリハヴァイン Ra Beria Rihavuain) is Sakamaki Adoptive younger sister. She is actually Aunt of Sakamaki Brother. She is known as Meia Childhood friend and the most popular girl in Ryoutei Gakuen. She is Demon Lord's Second Daughter. In other words, She is younger sister of Cordellia.

Appearance Edit

Yukou is a young bespectacled woman in her late teens with a slim figure, black hair styled in a short bob cut and violet eyes. She usually wearing Dark Green jacket with Light Green dress. Her uniform is consist of Black Goth-Sleeves Blazer with White Blouse beneath it. She also wear Black Cardigan and Pink Ribbon. For the bottom, She wearing Black goddet skirt and Black Half-Laced Boots.

In DARK FATE and VANDEAD CARNIVAL, She wear White long sleeves Blouse and Black short pants. In LUNATIC PARADE, she wearing dark purple dress given by Kou, That reach her kness, a white waist apron (though the ribbon holding it to the dress is striped), and black mary jane shoes with black stockings.

Personality Edit

Yukou is shown to be a very strict and intelligent person. She also can be Very sarcastic when she in bad mood. Though, She usually seems Cold, She's actually Kind when you get to know her. Yukou also seems to not talk if it's not necessary.

History Edit

Yukou is actually the Demon Lord's Second daughter. In other words, She's actually Cordelia's sister and Aunt of Sakamaki Brothers. When she was young, She was left to be an Orphan after Her Parents were being targeted by Purebloods. And, She ended up Frozen everyone in the orphan by Her eyes. And, She was adopted to Sakamaki Family by Karlheinz After she was pushed from Balcon, She saved by a girl named Akino Chira and go to Seirei Academy. Then, She was Transfered to Ryoutei Gakuen.

Relationship Edit

Shu Sakamaki Edit

Even he is lazy, He does care for Yukou. It was first Shown when Shu accompany Yukou's learning when they young. He also quite like to Drink Yukou's Blood.

Reiji Sakamaki Edit

Reiji usually likes to ask Yukou to drink tea with him or even make her as his Experiments.

Laito Sakamaki Edit

Laito is loved to harassed Yukou. But, Yukou will usually stomped on his foot by her Boot's Heels. She reject to Give Laito her blood for being pervert to her.

Kanato Sakamaki Edit

Yukou is like to made Kanato's any sweet like Cupcake or Cake. She also the only who Kanato allowed to talk to Teddy.

Ayato Sakamaki Edit

Ayato is stopped called himself 'Ore - Sama' around Yukou. But, he does calling him 'Nii - Sama' Around her. which is Yukou denied. he also like to force Yukou to make him takoyaki.

Subaru Sakamaki Edit

Yukou is the one who can Calming Subaru when he mad. Subaru is the first one she very care along with Kanato and Reiji. She think, he may depressed for abandoned by his own Mother.

Ruki Mukami Edit

Ruki is shock when he know there is two eve. He is quite close to Yukou and the second one of Mukami Family who succesed Bite her after Kou. Yukou also doesn't seem mind to hang aroung Ruki and the rest of Mukami family.

Kou Mukami Edit


Yuma Mukami Edit


Azusa Mukami Edit


Meia Kozakura Edit

Meia is known as Yukou's Chilhood friend. they was very close. And the reason why Meia is Transfered into Ryoutei Gakuen and Why she very like to annoy Ayato is because Yukou. She dislike Ayato for being selfish to Yukou.

Chiliarch Vladimir Edit

Yukou and Ciel seem to argued around. He usually pick on fight with her. He seem to Dislike Demon Creature other than Lu.

Abbility Edit

Cursed Eyes Edit

Yukou has abbility where she can Turn every people who stare at her stunned. So, To Controlling her eyes, She wearing Glasses.

Another Abbilities Edit

Yukou is shown to has Fast Speed, Teleportation and Flying.

Trivia Edit

  • Yukou's favorite drink is Earl Grey Tea.
  • She is a Book-worm and the Smartest Student in Ryoutei Gakuen after Zatto and Meia.

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