Yumi Ara
Biographical Information
Rōmaji Ara Yumi
Birthday September 13rd
Age 23 (physically, unknown actual age)
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Vampire
Ethnicity Japanese
Gender Female
Blood Type O
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Orangish/yellowish
Professional Status
Occupation Heiress of the Ara Household
Affiliation Ara Family
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed father

Unnamed mother

Unnamed uncle

Kuro (younger sister)

Hobbies Ballet
Favorite Food Mini cakes
Voice Actors

Yumi Ara is the older sister of Kuro Ara and the heiress of the Ara Household.

Appearance Edit

Yumi has long, wavy black hair that reaches to waist and orangish/yelowish eyes. She is tall and slender along with pretty pale skin and a beauty mark.

She wears a red dress that has one shoulder strap on her right shoulder. She also wears a a matching red hat with a white rose on her left side.

Personality Edit

Similar to her younger sister, Yumi is very spoiled and arrogant around people and looks down on poor people. However, Yumi is fare worse than her sister. Yumi is well educated and intelligent. While speaking to people, she speaks with a gentle tone.

History Edit

Yumi was born as the first child of the Ara Household and was the heiress. Growing up, Yumi was praised all her life as the perfect girl. She giving the best tutors and lessons. Yumi heavily bullied her younger sister Kuro

Relationships Edit

Kuro Ara Edit

Yumi took enjoyment from bullying her younger sister. Yumi had always made Kuro's life miserable and abusive. She made sure that her younger sister knew that the latter was going to be the next head of their family.

Abilities Edit

As a pure blooded vampire, Yumi is very strong.

Speed Edit

Yumi mentions to be very fast, even faster than the rest of her family.

Trivia Edit

  • Yumi's name means "Archery bow".
  • She's to be fare more than her younger sister.
  • The rose on her hat strongly resembles the ones on Cordelia's dress.