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Yuuki Gekijou
Biographical Information
Kanji 激情 勇気
Rōmaji Gekijou Yūki
Also Known As Yuu-nee ("Big Sister Yuu" by her little brother, Natsu Gekijou)
Ikkoku ("Stubborn", by peers)
Chikurui ("Livestock, Pet", by Reiji)
Yuu-kun (Used to refer to her as male because of her attitude and behaviors; upsets her greatly, by Ayato)
Amai ("Sweet", by Kanato)
Yuuko ("Brave Child", by Aya Sakki)
Zoku ("Thief", by Kirai Sakamaki)
Sign Gemini
Birthday June 17
Age 17
Status Living
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Ethnicity Japanese
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Weight 115.00 lbs
Blood Type A+
Hair Color Brownish Dark Orange
Eye Color Blue
Professional Status
Occupation Second Year Student
Personal Status
Relatives Kyouchi Gekijou (Father, Deceased)
Karen Gekijou (Mother)
Shouhei Chouteki (Step-father)
Natsu Gekijou (Younger Brother)
Haru Chouteki (Younger Half Brother)
Aki Chouteki (Younger Half Brother)
Hobbies Fine Arts
Favorite Food Cho-mein
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice Maaya Sakamoto
English Voice Caitlin Glass

Yuuki Gekijou (激情 勇気 Gekijou Yūki) is a teenage human and daughter of two former servants of Karl Heinz and his three wives however they were freed by Christa except that Karl Heinz found out years later after they had Yuuki and Natsu. She was sent to the manor as a second sacrificial bride because of a deal her parents made with Karl Heinz. She attends Ryoutei Academy with the Sakamaki siblings and Yui.

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